Curated by Arkitip: Evan Hecox for Incase [iPhone + MacBook Cases]

Curated by Arkitip: Evan Hecox for Incase

Curated by Arkitip: Evan Hecox for Incase [iPhone + MacBook Cases]

With the continuation of Curated by Arkitip, artist and designer Evan Hecox displays his fascination with the urban landscape on Incase products, presented as the sixth installment of the well-received collaborative effort. “Available today, the Evan Hecox series has been issued in three limited editions: London, New York and Tokyo. As the project’s first artist to present a series of products, Hecox brings to life nontraditional depictions of the famed cities and their associated national emblems on our signature MacBook Sleeve and iPhone Slider Case. Hecox filters the mundane into captivating illustrations of London, New York and Tokyo seemingly filled with narratives beyond the images themselves, and applies them to MacBook Sleeves. The Hecox Slider Cases complement the three Sleeves, bearing instantly recognizable national symbols of the three cities. Hecox re-imagined the symbols through his stylistic approach, resulting in artistic interpretations that are both familiar and new.”

All products from Hecox for Curated by Arkitip are available now at Arkitip, Incase, better boutiques and Apple Store locations worldwide.

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