Introducing | Waltzing Matilda Sandals


The Waltzing Matilda Sandal range has just arrived in time for spring. There are three styles for men and women, namely: the Greek Sandal, the NICA, and My Sandal.  Each sandal has a unique story behind it. The original NICA sandal was designed as result of necessity. WM founder Mike Balitsaris was left without shoes during a surf trip in Nicaragua after a rain storm which led to the crew having to leave their gear and vehicles behind to travel by foot. Mike’s shoes were taken by the current and he had to construct a pair of sandals from an extra travel bag. That concept became the NICA sandal. There is also a story behind the Greek Sandal which was designed according to a pair that Mike bought in Greece from a street vendor years ago. He wore the shoes throughout Europe until they finally wore out. Additionally, the My Sandal is based on a style which Mike has been wearing for over two decades.

The sandals are handmade in Maine and have high quality leather uppers and vegetable tanned leather and EVA Bikenstock soles.  The entire Waltzing Matilda lineup is available now through their online store.


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