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Apple Releases Their First-Ever iPhone Battery Case for the 6 and 6s

Apple's First-Ever iPhone Battery Case-01

It took a while, but Apple has finally elbowed its way into the crowded battery case industry with its first-ever iPhone Battery Case. Officially named the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case, the case is designed for the iPhone 6 and 6s, with the main goal of bringing their rather dismal battery lives up to par with the iPhone 6s Plus.

What’s interesting about the new iPhone Battery Case is that it doesn’t come in two pieces. It’s a flexible one-piece silicon sleeve that lets you slide your iPhone in AND lend a good grip. To prevent scratches, the case’s inside is lined with a microfiber inner. The form factor is simple, with its slight bulge in the middle being the only potential quarry for nitpicking.

The iPhone Battery Case gives the iPhone 6s 25 more hours of talk time, 18 more hours of LTE web browsing, and 20 more hours of HD video playback. The case will also display the device’s remaining battery life in both the lock screen and the Notification Center. The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is now available online, in white or charcoal gray, for US$99 – check it out here.