Hill City Launches With Versatile Activewear That Goes Well Beyond Your Workouts

Introducing Hill City, the first new brand from Gap in over a decade. The activewear brand brings high performance fabrics with functional detailing and we got to see it first-hand during last week’s launch event. Official release will take place in mid-October with Hill City fusing a clean activewear aesthetic with technical elements that transitions throughout the day as well as into the weekends.

The brand also focuses on hidden technical innovations, designed so consumers can purchase less, but more versatile, pieces. These are going to be logo-light, everyday basics that blend performance with the everyday. Former MLS soccer player Noah Palmer founded Hill City because “men’s lives are evolving…we don’t want a different look for each aspect of our lives” and men want to wear pieces that work at dinner and deep in a hike without sacrificing anything.


The brand will launch in mid-October exclusively at their website, and some pieces will also be displayed at 50 select Athleta locations.


For consumers who want to help influence products, the Hill City Assistant on Facebook Messenger  and Twitter will allow you to enroll in an innovative test wear program, available today.


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