Casablanca Unveils Pre-Spring 2024 Collection | A Cinematic Journey into Fashion

Charaf Tajer’s Casablanca takes center stage with its Pre-Spring 2024 Collection in a bold move to redefine its creative narrative. Breaking away from convention, the Parisian brand weaves a captivating tale that merges athletic roots with avant-garde fashion. This revolutionary Casablanca Pre-Spring 2024 Collection campaign, captured through the lens of Corentin Leroux, transcends boundaries and beckons fashion enthusiasts to explore a dreamlike realm of vibrant colors and imaginative designs.

Casablanca’s Pre-Spring 2024 campaign introduces a mesmerizing fusion of dream-like aesthetics and athletic origins. The collection opens with vivid in-season colors, featuring costume-like forms seamlessly transitioning between roles. Signature pieces from Casablanca’s arsenal make a return in the Pre-Spring 2024 Collection. The iconic wave shirt, wide-leg track pants, and quintessential cashmere-blend cardigan are reintroduced alongside new color variations of the crocheted tote and pearl-handled mini bag. The collection spans denim, velvet, knitwear, après-sport, outerwear, and dresses, showcasing the brand’s ever-eccentric style.

Highlight Pieces include the Trophy Orange Linen long-sleeve shirt with an all-over screen-printed design featuring the house’s symbology incorporating nature and architectural elements, the Zig Zag crochet polos, the Pyramide D’Oranges Jumper that features the house’s iconographic orange pyramid artwork, and the Wavy Gradient Crochet Shirt with a Cuban-style collar.

For those eager to embrace the Casablanca dreamworld, the Casablanca Pre-Spring 2024 Collection is available for purchase online directly through the Casablanca website.


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