Lamborghini Urus Performante Goes Into Dubai Police Service

In a high-profile collaboration between the Lamborghini Dubai dealership and the Dubai Police, the city has recently expanded its fleet with the addition of the Lamborghini Urus Performante. This Super SUV, delivered at the Dubai Airshow 2023, boasts not only breathtaking performance but also serves a crucial role in enhancing the city’s security and safety. Let’s delve into the distinctive features that make the Lamborghini Urus Performante a formidable asset for Dubai’s law enforcement.

Dubai Police’s Urus Performante, delivered amidst the grandeur of the Dubai Airshow, is not just an ordinary patrol car. Finished in the iconic green and white livery, the SUV stands out with a rear spoiler adorned with a blue 360° LED light bar and an electric siren, ensuring a powerful presence on the streets. The vehicle’s exterior modifications signal its readiness for swift responses and enhanced visibility during patrols.

The Urus Performante’s interior is tailored to the needs of the Dubai Police. It comes equipped with essentials for law enforcement, including an armored gun box, a fold-down message display, and a dedicated compartment in the boot for service equipment, the vehicle seamlessly combines luxury and functionality. The passenger compartment is a testament to Lamborghini’s commitment to meeting the unique requirements of Dubai’s law enforcement.

Underneath the hood, the Urus Performante packs a punch with its 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine, delivering a staggering 657 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.3 seconds, this high-performance SUV ensures rapid response times for Dubai Police. The modifications for police duty haven’t compromised its exceptional capabilities, making it a perfect blend of power and precision.

This collaboration between Dubai Police and Lamborghini is not a one-time affair. The Urus Performante marks another chapter in their ongoing partnership, with the vehicle set to patrol tourist destinations and busy areas across the emirate. General Ahmed Mohammed bin Thani, acting commander-in-chief of Dubai Police, emphasized the significance of high-performance patrol vehicles in maintaining social safety and security.

Specific details about the pricing of the Lamborghini Urus Performante for the Dubai Police fleet are not readily available. However, considering Lamborghini’s penchant for exclusivity and performance, it’s safe to say that the investment aligns with the city’s commitment to state-of-the-art law enforcement. Swipe through the images, and visit the Lamborghini website for more information.


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