Hugo Boss x Samsung: The F480

Hugo Boss has teamed up with Samsung to bring out their own handset dubbed the F480. The F480 will have plenty of icons, wallpapers and ringtones that will scream HB but it will also boast a 5 megapixel camera, a...

Hugo Boss has teamed up wi...

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The Newave Living Calendar by Maksim Biriukov

Over at YankoDesign, we came across the Living Calendar, designed by Maksim Biriukov. It’s a newave project that displays the day, week and the year in the most unique of ways. It shows the details about your current place in the time-space continuum.  This clock-style systems shows holidays, times of the year and much much more.

Apart from learning Russian, you’re going have to cough up a whopping $9,495 to get one in your home. Can we say “dealbreaker”?

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High-glossed Colorware treatment to the G1 and BlackBerry Bold

Never heard of Colorware? They’re the guys who put customized gadgets at your doorstep. Previously, they’ve glossed up Guitar Hero guitars, DSs, PS3s, and a host of other beauties. They give you an array of metallic or solid color options, all finished in scratch-resistant gloss.

Next up, the G1 and the BlackBerry Bold just in time for the holidays. You don’t have to get the entire phone one color, my friends so there are infinite possibilities.

Lamborghini Diamond Studded Key courtesy of Amosu Luxury

Amosu Luxury usually blings out iPods and cell phones, but they’ve grown to new heights with their latest creation. As if you weren’t already in an exclusive set, this 2.02 carat key fob will surely upgrade you.  It’s got 183 little diamonds and will cost you about $10,500. What failed economy?

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Early Xmas: Student writes to Steve Jobs, gets free Final Cut Studio 2

Merry Christmas, young man! You’ve just been blessed with a free copy of Final Cut Studio 2 straight from Cupertino.  A Greenwich High School wrote a letter to Steve Jobs asking for the educational discount on a copy of Final Cut Studio 2 and ended up getting the damn thing for free. Lucky lad, aren’t ya?

Richard Townhill, Director, Pro Video Product Marketing replied to the boy asking for the mailing address. His Steveness gets another pinching of the cheeks.

Read the sent letter and reply below.