Bentley Bentayga S Black Edition | A Bentley-First With Black-Tinted Wings

In a bold debut that marks a significant milestone in Bentley’s 105-year history, the luxury automaker has introduced the Bentayga S Black Edition. This latest iteration of the Bentayga SUV not only boasts unparalleled performance but also represents a striking departure from convention with its distinctive black-tinted wings – a first for Bentley.

For the first time in Bentley’s 105-year history, the Bentayga S Black Edition sports black-tinted wings, adding a distinct touch of sophistication and modernity to its exterior profile. A laser-like stripe adorns the Styling Specification body kit below the front bumper and side sills, as well as across the top of the rear spoiler. This dynamic detail enhances the Bentayga S Black Edition’s aerodynamic profile while adding a touch of sportiness to its design. Dark tint headlamps add a touch of mystery to the Bentayga S Black Edition’s front fascia, giving it a distinctively sleek and modern look. These headlamps not only contribute to the vehicle’s striking appearance but also improve visibility and safety on the road.

The Bentayga S Black Edition rides on sleek 22-inch black-painted wheels, further enhancing its commanding presence on the road. These bold wheels perfectly complement the vehicle’s overall aesthetic, exuding confidence and style.

Emblazoned with Black Edition badging on the rear D pillar, the Bentayga S Black Edition proudly announces its exclusivity and performance-oriented design. This subtle yet impactful detail adds a touch of refinement to the vehicle’s exterior, highlighting its status as a premium luxury SUV.

Customers can choose from seven accent color specifications, including Mandarin, Signal Yellow, Klein Blue, Pillar Box Red, Ice, Hyper Green, and Beluga. These vibrant hues accentuate the sleek lines of the vehicle, creating a visually striking contrast against the rich black detailing.

Inside the cabin, the Bentayga S Black Edition features rich Beluga leather, contrast stitching, and piping to create a luxurious atmosphere, complemented by the striking ‘S’ emblem embroidered on each seat. The cabin showcases a new carbon fiber weave on the fascia, center console, and waistrails, enhancing its modern aesthetic. Additionally, the Dark Chrome pack adds a sleek finish to the metal detailing throughout the interior. There are three audio systems to choose from, including the Bentley Signature Audio, Bang & Olufsen for Bentley, and Naim for Bentley.

Under the hood, the Bentayga S Black Edition is powered by a formidable 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, delivering an impressive 542 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. This powerhouse propels the SUV from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and has a top speed of 180 mph. For those seeking a more eco-conscious option, the S Black Edition is also available with a hybrid powertrain.

The Bentley Dynamic Ride system, featuring electric active roll control technology, enhances its dynamic capabilities. This system ensures maximum stability, ride comfort, and exceptional handling, even during aggressive cornering maneuvers. Furthermore, the Bentayga S Black Edition boasts electronic all-wheel steering and sports suspension calibration.

While specific details regarding availability and pricing have not yet been announced, the Bentayga S Black Edition is expected to be a limited-run production. For more information, please visit the official Bentley website.


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