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These 12 Vintage Porsche Ads Can’t Be Beat

Few of us haven’t dreamed of owning a Porsche and those who do can attest to loving every moment of it. Whether you’re a fan of vintage or newer models, there is probably more than one Porsche model that you’d like to…

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First-Ever Nike Ads by Wieden + Kennedy from 1982

The folks over at Wieden and Kennedy have been representing Nike for over three decades and have just uncovered the brand's first-ever nationally broadcasted ads that were made by W+K founders Dan Wieden and David Kennedy. Two of these were considered lost…

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44 Club | Nike x Wieden + Kennedy

44 Club | Nike x Wieden+Kennedy

44 Club drops another video, this time highlighting the client-agent relationship between Nike and creative agency Wieden+Kennedy out of Portland. The two companies have been working together for nearly 30 years through public relations and advertising effort. Nike’s Ed Elworthy and Nic…

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Nigel Barker Photography

Former model and current photographer, Nigel Barker started on runways from Milan to New York to being behind the lens. He started StudioNB in 1996, as he left his British roots and opted for Manhattan's Meat Packing District to be his work's permanent…

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Audi and BMW play chess in billboard battle

Things sure are beginning to heat up in the auto industry. Well, sort of. There's a marketing war abrewing in California between Audi and BMW and it's an entertaining one. On the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Glen Blvd Audi has…

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