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Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Unveils New Outdoor Camera

Nest is disrupting the home security industry with its new, highly anticipated Nest Cam Outdoor. Here comes a camera that can securely monitor the entire perimeter of your home. The model incorporates many of the same features that can be found in…

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Nest Unveil Their 3rd Gen Thermostat

Nest has unveiled the latest version of their ever-so popular thermostat. It packs a screen that's 40 percent larger than its predecessor and with a higher resolution (25 percent more pixels and up to 229 PPI). The UI gets a facelift as…

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Google Buys Nest for $3.2 Billion

Seems multi-billion dollar acquisitions is all the rage these days. The latest involves Google snatching up Nest for $3.2 Billion. Nest is best known for their Smart Thermostat, one you can find now at the Apple Store as well as through various…

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