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Education Break: The History of the Internet

We interrupt regular programming to bring you some much needed education. It's 2009 and most of us probably don't even know how the internet got so mainstream. Where did it all begin? History of the Internet is "an animated documentary explaining the…

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How the economy’s affecting Hollywood

Apparently, average Joes aren't the only one's being affected by the economy. The usual over-paid actor in Hollywood is getting offers that are a bit more acceptable. Minyanville is reporting that Disney's trying not to go overboard when it comes to compensating…

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Thought for Food: Wealthy Men give women more orgasms

I new study shows that as her partner's income increases, so does a woman's orgasm frequency. Researchers from England's Newcastle University based this conclusion on data analyzed from the Chinese Health and Family Life Survey, which asked 5,000 people in-depth questions about sex…

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