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Chronos Magazine Sinn 240

Chronos Magazine Partners with Sinn for Limited Edition Watch

Timepiece publication Chronos Magazine has partnered with German watchmaker Sinn to create the limited edition Sinn 240. With only 100 models being produced, the exclusive watch is definitely something to look out for with its innovative design and numerous capabilities, including a…

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The Autodromo Stradale Pays Tribute to Classic Italian Cars

In an effort to pay tribute to classic Italian cars and adventures, popular accessory brand Autodromo has released the Stradale Automatic. According to the Autodromo website, the impressive timepiece "draws inspiration from dashboard instruments from Italian sports berlinettas of the late 1950s and…

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Bulgari Travel

Bulgari Brings Elegance to the Travel Watch

Bulgari has come out with its own unique take on the travel watch in the form of the Hora Domvs Dual Time Zone piece. The luxury brand has instilled an element of elegance in the typical travel watch by simplifying the design…

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OFF-WHITE Braun Watch

OFF-WHITE & Braun Go Minimalist With New Watch

The Braun collaboration that fashion label OFF-WHITE dropped hints about in March has finally come to life in the form of a new timepiece. The wristwatch sports a clean and minimalist design with simple details that add to its luxe aesthetic. Sporting…

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