Reviewed: Crown Shaving Company [Grooming]

Reviewed: Crown Shaving Company [Grooming]

A little while back, the folks behind Toronto-based Crown Shaving Co. turned us to their extensive line of shaving and grooming products for men. Before even cracking open any of the products for use, we were intrigued by the old school packaging. We recently came to find out the family’s been franchising hair salons since the 1950s, and over 45 uncles and cousins combined are in the barbering and salon/spa fields. These products, ranging from shaving cream and after shave to water-based pomade and styling cream (coming soon), were all crafted with the family’s heritage and expertise in mind.

Many will be glad to hear the ingredients used in Crown Shaving Co. products are actually brought in from the United States. Some receive the addition of essential oils while others are formulated specifically to the brand’s specifications. For anyone with sensitive skin, I’d suggest giving Crown Shaving Co. a shot as the products have been very kind to my skin. The products are actually alcohol, artificial colorant, artificial fragrance, paraben and sulfate free.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide [100 to Giveaway]

Por Homme x Gillette ProGlide Razor Giveaway

When you thinking shaving, you think Gillette, not those other brands that do a sub-par job at giving us a close shave while protecting our skin. Something that’s always been a hurdle for product makers in the past has been the “tug and pull” dilemma. The ProGlide, part of Gillette’s ProSeries, packs significant enhancements, that not only address the skin, but the hair as well. So what separates this new razor from the Gillette Fusion or other ones from years past?

First, and perhaps most importantly, the ProGlide has been fitted with low cutting force blades that feature finer edges and have been given an advanced low-resistance coating, which allow the razor to cut effortlessly through hair with less tug and pull compared to other leading razors vs. Fusion. Other enhancements include a larger Lubrastrip for an even smoother layer of protection even when on repeat strokes, as well as the addition of a Microcomb, which helps to guide hair directly to the blade.

The Fusion ProGlide goes on sale in a manual and Power option next month, but Gillette’s actually been kind enough to give some of you guys out there the opportunity to grab one for free. A total of 100 razors are up for grabs, which you can grab from the widget below. It’s pretty simple, hit the widget, follow the instructions and get yours for free. No gimmicks, folks. We don’t believe in those. 

Now Open: Baxter Finley Barber & Shop [L.A.]

Now Open: Baxter Finley Barber & Shop [L.A.]

J.P. Mastey & Co. of Baxter, California-based maker of grooming products for men, have taken the brand to new heights since its initial launch back in 1965. When the original founder, Baxter Finley, started the company, we’re not sure if he envisioned it being as successful and notable across the world as it is now. They’ve actually now gone ahead and opened their first barber shop in Los Angeles and it’s exactly how a barber shop should be.

Expect to see upgraded products with an environment that’s timeless. Don’t think you’ll be watching the Sunday games here, ’cause there are no TVs or extra gimmicks. Heck, you won’t even be getting a beer. Not here, guys. Here, you’ll be given a haircut by lead barber Jason Simao, who’s coming over from Freeman’s Sporting Club. The services offered are limited to a shave or a haircut. Keeping things simplet. Alongside the full line of Baxter products will be a few notable brands including Dr. Bronners, D.R. Harris, and etaW of Japan.

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Kenton Sorenson Leather Dopp Kit [Travel]

Kenton Sorenson Leather Dopp Kit [Travel]Kenton Sorenson Leather Dopp Kit [Travel]

From American brand Kenton Sorenson comes this dopp kitt, just in time for the holidays. Hand made at Sorenson’s Wisconsin factory, this dopp kit is crafted of natural leather that will develop an amazing deep golden brown color with regular use. The kit has a simple leather wrap around tie closure that can be used to keep the kit open while in use. The functionality gets us as much as the aesthetics, as it’s got plenty of space for all your grooming products and then some. It’s in limited production though so you might want to grab it with some urgency.

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Portland General Store Men’s Collection

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