Apple iPad Mini 3

It's been a busy week for Apple as they've introduced a ton of new products, including the iPad Air 2 which you can read about here as well as this, the iPad Mini 3. This upgrades brings the iPad Mini...

It's been a busy week for Appl...

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Nomad introduces its latest 2-in-1 charging solution called NomadPlus. The system specifically functions with an existing Apple charger. NomadPlus plugs into any Apple USB wall charger, transforming it into a 1500mAh portable battery that has enough power to recharge a...

Nomad introduces its latest ...

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Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display

Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display

Though expected, Apple has announced the iPad Mini with the company’s vivid, pixel-packed Retina Display. The 7.9 inch display gets a boosted 2048×1536 resolution which is powered internally by their A7 chip. Battery life is being held at up to 10 hours so you can get things done, all atop Apple’s latest iOS 7 design. The iPad Mini with Retina Display starts at $399 USD with a release date of late November.

Introducing | Apple iPad 2, Available March 11

Introducing | Apple iPad 2, Available March 11Apple finally took the covers off the second coming of their extremely popular iPad tablet. It’s actually been one of their most successful post-PC products to date and with good reason. It’s one of Apple’s more affordable products with a starting price of $499 and it’s super portable. The iPad 2 is lighter and faster than its predecessor and it packs some new features which we’ve been demanding since before the original iPad even dropped. So what’s changed? The design’s been tweaked as the iPad 2 is 33 percent thinner and weighs only 1.3 pounds. The beauty now houses a dual core processor chip dubbed the A5 for up to nine times the performance speeds.

Introducing: The Apple iPad, Price Starting at $499 [Apple Tablet]

The Apple iPad [Apple Tablet]

The boys in Cupertino have finally officially taken the covers off their newest device. It’ll be called the iPad, a name that’s been floating around for quite sometime. It looks great. The body’s slim, looks pretty comfy in Jobs’ hands. The OS is like an exploded version of the iPhone’s with a few cool features like ability to view YouTube in HD and an email interface with some enhanced aesthetics. Landscape and portrait view are enabled in the majority of uses. You’ve got maps, calendars, built-in iTunes Store, and iPhoto integration with events, places and faces. Movies, TV shows, music videos, audiobooks, just about everything you can watch on your iPhone, you can access through this beauty.

Hardware specs – 1.5 lbs., 0.5 inch thick with a 9.7 inch display, full capacitive multitouch, all powered by the 1GHz Apple A4 chip. Storage can be from 16GB to 64GB of flash memory. The usual suspects are all here – bluetooth 2.1 EDR, accelerometer, compass, WiFi 802.11n, microphone, and speaker. The iPad has a 10-hour battery life with a month of standby time. Wow.