Speedbicycles Virtual Museum Collection

Speedbicycles Virtual Museum Collection

Wow, what a collection of beauties. We haven’t come across such a lineup of bicycles in quite sometime so it’s only right this one be a doozy, amiright? “In early 1980s Stefan Schaefter started in collecting and restoring vintage bicycles. Over the years this collection specialized into lightweight bicycles and got selected and refined.The brand “Speedbicycles” was first time used in early 1990s. In 2003 Speedbicycles Gmbh (Ltd liab. Co) (SARL) was founded. Today Speedbicycles offers purchase, sale, repair, restoration and advice of vintage lightweight bicycles. It is the target of Speedbicycles keeping the bikes as authentic as possible. For to preserve the flair of the bikes repainting, rechroming, etc. is avoided wherever applicable.”

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Baracuta “James” Cycling Jacket

Baracuta "James" Cycling Jacket

Makers of the original Harrington, Baracuta‘s blessed the masses with an all new technical and modern update with the “James” cycling jacket. Hypebeast tells us the “jacket features a fully waterproof and breathable material to ensure you’re dry and cool in any condition. From a design point, the jacket is cut longer in the arms and in the back. Other things include a 5-point vented wing back, press studs on the sleeves to reduce wind drag and waterproof zips on the front of the jacket.”

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Monocle x Death Spray Custom Bicycle Frame

Monocle x Death Spray Custom Bicycle Frame

Monocle‘s known for its handpicked collaborations on amazing projects such as the one you see here. This bicycle frame was crafted with Death Spray Custom with the utmost detail and craftsmanship. Hypebeast tells us, “The bike’s frame features a shiny black finish with simple little Monocle detailings on the head tube and top tube. The seat tube features a two-toned ribbon that wraps frame. No word on the release of this particular piece or if it’s just a one off.”

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Rapha East Coast Gentlemen’s Race

Rapha's Gentlemen's Race in New York

By now, you’ve surely noticed our love for bicycles. This video we came across over at Rapha gets our juices flowing even more while leaving us yearning for more. The roadwear maker’s Gentlemen’s Race is a yearly expedition that varies in length and, at times, in location. This year’s East Coast race was phenomenal (or so we’ve heard), with plenty of climbs and an endless barrage of challenges.

The Catskills course of 122-miles with three major climbs, and a constant barrage of rollers was chosen because of the challenge it presented to our Rapha Continental NE riders last year. The ‘Gunks’, the seemingly endless climb up Mohonk around mile 90, and the world’s largest garden gnome were something at least a few of us had seen before. Put together in a different way and with some added mileage, the idea of the 6-person team race happening on the quiet roads around New Paltz fit perfectly.

Well, don’t take our word for it, or their’s, for that matter. Hit the jump and check out the video. 

Independent Fabrication x Rapha Bike Frames

Independent Fabrication x Rapha Racing Team Bike Frames

Last month, Independent Fabrication sent out two SSR Rapha frames for the Rapha Racing team in NYC. All of the frames IF makes for or in conjunction with Rapha get the sterling silver Rapha headbadge, cast by the crafter’s jewelers in Maine. Each frame and fork has painted in graphics and polished stainless steel rear ends. Both frames are also blessed with the rider’s name, and for Rapha’s Racing team, it seems the squad’s filled with two interesting characters that go by Cranky and North.

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Fixed Gear Playground: Hydroelectric Powerstation Avce

Bicycle Velodrome: Hydroelectric Powerstation Avce

Temporarily used as a velodrome, this hydroelectric powerstation was a playground for the guys over at Muslauf. “We were very lucky to had an opportunity to ride inside the accumulation pool before it fills with water! Surface is very smooth hydroisolation coating, so perfect for riding.” We’re impressed by their ability to get inside the fenced area and get the opportunity to take some shots of them riding their fixed gears in the “velodrome”.

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The Kilo, Velo and Papa by Vika Bicycles

Vika Bicycles: The Velo

With 20 years of experience in the bicycle market, Vika bikes has established itself through the dedication given to the design and details of their projects. “We believe that the soul of a great bicycle comes from refining its properties and design.” Danish designer Henrik Nørby heads up the design and development, while interior engineers handle the attention to detail. All three of the men’s bicycles are shown after the jump.