Speedbicycles Virtual Museum Collection

Speedbicycles Virtual Museum Collection

Wow, what a collection of beauties. We haven’t come across such a lineup of bicycles in quite sometime so it’s only right this one be a doozy, amiright? “In early 1980s Stefan Schaefter started in collecting and restoring vintage bicycles. Over the years this collection specialized into lightweight bicycles and got selected and refined.The brand “Speedbicycles” was first time used in early 1990s. In 2003 Speedbicycles Gmbh (Ltd liab. Co) (SARL) was founded. Today Speedbicycles offers purchase, sale, repair, restoration and advice of vintage lightweight bicycles. It is the target of Speedbicycles keeping the bikes as authentic as possible. For to preserve the flair of the bikes repainting, rechroming, etc. is avoided wherever applicable.”

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