GJ Cleverley For HODINKEE Russian Reindeer Leather Straps


Hodinkee continues to drop some really impressive product and this time, they’ve wrapped up a collaboration with GJ Cleverly, one of the last old school shoemakers known the World over. The duo teamed up for a very limited run of leather straps made from Russia Leather, a specially tanned reindeer leather recovered from a shipwreck dating to 1786. A short history lesson — Russia was renowned for their leathers back in the eighteenth century and one closely-guarded tanning process resulted in a water resistant leather with a rich reddish brown color, a cross-hatch patter, and a very unique smell. Then came the Russian Revolution and after 1917, production was stopped and the tanning process was lost to history.

Now Available | HODINKEE Horween Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

Now Available | HODINKEE Horween Shell Cordovan Watch Straps

The good folks at HODINKEE continue delivering excellence in editorial content but their retail endeavors have been quite impressive as well. First came a lineup of watch accessories that were made in Italy and then was a tie collaboration with the iconic British label Drake’s. Now, they’ve teamed up with Chicago’s Horween, America’s finest leather maker. Brands like Alden have been using their leather for ages and the brand has definitely withstood the test of time. HODINKEE has introduced a lineup of Horween Shell Cordovan leather watch straps that are made right here in the good ol’ US of A and available in two varieties, lined and unlined. The

The unlined straps are a flexible strip of shell cordovan with a steel buckle closure and matching stitching that almost disappears. The lined cordovan straps are a bit sportier and have a thin cushioned lining sewn into them with matching thread. The unlined comes in 18mm and 20mm while the lined come in 20mm and 22m variations. All sizes come in black, natural and Horween’s iconic Color #8. On the underside you’ll find a special HODINKEE/Horween logo that recalls the Horween logo stamped onto the raw shells at the Chicago tannery.

The entire line of HODINKEE Horween Shell Cordovan straps is available now through HODINKEE.

Now Open | HODINKEE Shop

Now Open | HODINKEE Shop Italian Leather Watch Accessories

Here’s an exclusive full look at wristwatch magazine HODINKEE‘s online shop that’s set to launch tomorrow. The online publication has always had an eye for amazing content and Ben & company’s taste for fine product in the space is unparalleled as well. With this being their first foray into retail, they’ve really got it right — delivering hand-made luxury timepiece accessories through a clean, easy-to-navigate portal. The HODINKEE shop includes over fifteen different styles of hand-made leather and suede accessories including straps, single watch travel pouches, and six watch travel rolls. The time dedicated to each item is extensive as a single artisan in the Tuscany region of Italy crafts them hand individually, making each strap, roll, and pouch completely unique.

HODINKEE straps are available in smooth leather, textured leather, and suede, and in a variety of colors. Included in the HODINKEE strap collection is the first suede camouflage strap ($165), as well as a suede camouflage travel pouch ($55). HODINKEE straps were designed with the great sport watches of the 1960s and 70s in mind, but fit perfectly on any wristwatch. Can’t wait until tomorrow? Access the HODINKEE shop now and get a head start.

Preview | HODINKEE Watch Straps

Hodinkee Watch Straps in Vintage Italian Leather Preview

Our good friend Ben of HODINKEE.com is launching vintage leather straps for the masses. They’re designed as an accessory to your vintage Rolex Submariner and are made in Italy. Hodinkee straps will come in a wide range of colors and finishes and are a solid alternative to bulkier NATO straps. Don’t pull out your wallet just yet as they’re still in production. Expect them to be ready for purchase in 3-4 weeks and available exclusively at HODINKEE.com with a select few hitting Freemans Sporting Club as well.