Uniqlo to set up Human Vending Machines in Times Square

Uniqlo is surely unique in many ways.  This holiday season, they’re going to show us one more way they’re special.  Times Square is going to be blessed with Uniqlo vending machines with mimes inside, with human assistants in metallic bodysuits there to help you.

Basically we’re going to have two mimes. A male and a female mime inside the machine. And the public can see them through glass. When you get there, we’re going to have Uniqlo reps dressed in the silver bodysuits. And they’re going to hold a thermograph scanner — think of an airport security machine. The thermographer identifies cold spots in your body. After you go through that, you go to the vending machine and push a button and the mimes are going to do a synchronized choreographed routine and then your outfit comes out.

The concept’s as interesting as the brand itself, so we’ll be in nyc next week to see what all the hype is about.

Thanks NY Mag!


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