Small World after all: Google Earth lands on iPhone

Some people out there might’ve been waiting for this one.  Google Earth has landed at the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It’s easy to use and at times, you might not even need network access.  The overscope can be accessed without the internet, but if you’re trying to zoom in on an area, then that’s only possible if you’ve accessed it before and the cache is still on your phone.

8 million geo-located Panoramio photos. iPhone-equipped travelers now have the opportunity to see where they’re headed before they get there — minus the people.  Plus, in certain areas, there are Wikipedia logos that you can click on to go straight to Wiki articles that relate to the location.  If you tilt the iPhone, you enter a 3-D mode that’s really fun to look at when you’re high sleepy.

The app is free and available now at the App Store


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