The FLAKE Lamp puts styrofoam usage in a different light


The last time there was styrofoam in my house, it was when I opened my new Bravia. It’s a great protector of valuables in packaging, but German designer Anne Boenisch has put it good use in a completely different way. 

The FLAKE Lamp is made completely of styrofoam. Read what she has to say about her latest piece of decor: 

FLAKE is inspired by the technology of the manufacturing of styrofoam and plays with the translucid surface of this structure. By switching FLAKE on, the effect is increasing and furthermore shows up the sharp-edged lines of the form. The usual styrofoam, better known in the backgroud of packaging industry turns contrary to his old use into a new direction and creates a new way of moder.

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flake-lamp-styrofoam-2 flake-lamp-styrofoam-3

flake-lamp-styrofoam-4 flake-lamp-styrofoam-5

Thanks to contemporist


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