Access anytime, anywhere, any surface: MIT students create ‘sixth sense’ computer


Imagine accessing your phone’s dialpad on the palm of your hand in the most literal sense or accessing your email account on any surface or any place. Imagine you’re in the bookstore and you want to know what other people thought of the book you just picked up. Students at the MIT Media Lab have developed a wearable computing system that can assist in doing these things and so much more. It turns any surface into an interactive display screen.

See the video of the prototype in action below

Most information that we retrieve about the world around us does not come from our primary five senses but from the internet and computers. The prototype aims to create a virtual ‘sixth sense’ that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any surface. And to think — it was made from an ordinary webcam a battery-powered 3M projector, with an attached mirror that are all connected to an internet-enabled mobile phone. The entire setup costs less than $350.



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