Concept: Hannes Grebin’s Nooka Cuckoo watch design


German designer Hannes Grebin has designed the Nooka Cuckoo wrist watch but don’t think it’ll be in stores anytime soon as this is just a concept and not affiliated with Nooka at all. 

Here’s what Grebin has to say about the concept:

Nooka Cuckoo is a watch concept which puts an end to the many failed attempts to translate analog chronographic displays into the digital age – it is German “Gemutlichkeit” for the wrist, literally brought to you from a plastic, candy-coloured Black Forest.

More images after the jump.  

nooka-cookoo-cuckoo-watch-grebin-design-1 nooka-cookoo-cuckoo-watch-grebin-design-2

To learn more about Hannes Grebin and his works, head to his site here.

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