Derringer Cycles: The Ducati x Schwinn hybrid


The Derringer Cycles, named for the pocket-size old pistol, is a cross between a 1920s board track motorcycle and a bike. The brainchild behind the project is Adrian Van Anz, who said that its a missing link between his old Schwinn and his Ducati. It can be pedaled like a bike or you can ride it like a motorcycle with an astounding 150 mpg. Plus, there’s no need for motorcycle licenses or insurance.

Each Derringer bike is handmade with hand-riveted leather Brooks seats, and can take up to a month to build. There are currently 250 different colors to choose from. 

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derringer-cycles-los-angeles-schwinn-ducati-motorcycle derringer-cycles-los-angeles-schwinn-ducati-motorcycle-2

derringer-cycles-los-angeles-schwinn-ducati-motorcycle-3 derringer-cycles-los-angeles-schwinn-ducati-motorcycle-5 derringer-cycles-los-angeles-schwinn-ducati-motorcycle-6

Buy It: $3500 at Derringer Cycles

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  • You should check out imperial cycles they design and build similar bikes with a more custom and street feel. They also build there own frames and have a gas tank made for them. Plus it is almost half the cost.

    Check them out at –

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