GM x Segway: The P.U.M.A. urban travel unit


The last time we saw a Segway was our local mall’s rent-a-cop commanding authority on his high horse during the PS3 launch a few years back. Since it wasn’t able to make its way into households like the PC, Dean Kamen and company went back to the drawing board and this time with GM by their side. 

Dubbed the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project, or P.U.M.A. (for now), the self-balancing two-wheeler nearly triples the speed of the original Segway at 35 miles per hour and seats two for a luxurious tours of the city and the P.U.M.A. can apparently talk to surrounding vehicles to avoid collisions so you can do all of that in peace. 

Pricing and release date are still a mystery but the P.U.M.A. is making it’s official debut at the New York Auto Show this week so we’ll be getting more info soon enough. 

More images and video after the jump.  

gm-segway-puma-urban-travel-1 gm-segway-puma-urban-travel-2

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