HANDGREY Titanium Keychain Carabiner

The HANDGREY Series Quick-Release Titanium Carabiner Keychain stands as an ongoing, extensive project focused on versatile function and design. Selected from over a year’s worth of experimentation and one hundred test designs, the latest 2-piece series boasts a Grade 5 titanium cut with EDM wire-cutting technology. Similar to the robust appearance of the spring carabiner, the HANDGREY series has a solid full-body gate and durability of the wire gate design. The quick-release brandishes immediate fastening and release of keychains or small hoops of any kind but made primarily for weight under 5KG. Though under construction of the final product, the series will be a stone tumbled finish with a scratch resistant surface. The keychain is useful in different aspects, such as work setting or valet parking. So far, the product has a large fan base and has already met its funding goal with a month-and-a-half to go. You can make an impact and pledge on Kickstarter.

J. Baak


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