ZEN Thermostat

While the Nest thermostat leverages its backend algorithm to identify when to turn your AC up or down (or off), the ZEN thermostat aims to keep things as simple as possible. It features a beautiful design that’s focused primarily on the LED screen that has display indicators which only show when required. You can touch the front to wake it up, switch between heating, cooling and controlling the fan by swiping left or right, and use the up and down arrows to set the temperature. From there, the display will fade and return to a seamless state while working in the background. And when you’re not close to the unit, whether in another room or even out of your house, you can control the temperature using your smartphone. What’s more is that it will work effortlessly with smart home systems like Apple HomeKit and OpenHome devices. The ZEN thermostat is available for pre-order now via Indiegogo with shipping to kick off in January.


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