This Is How a Suit Should Fit

Presented by Macy’s

When buying a suit, there’s nothing more important than how comfortable you are. Yes, where the shoulder pads line up with your shoulders matters but it should start and end with your personal level of comfort. If you keep this in mind throughout the fitting process, we guarantee you’ll come out more confident than ever. So here are some guidelines to use as guardrails when shopping for your next formal event. And though every tailor might have his or her own opinion on what a perfect fit looks like, keep these bits in mind during your next conversation. Tailors are usually stubborn but they can appreciate when a man comes in and knows what he wants the final product to look like. Figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, but aim to achieve an ideal level of comfort so that you get a welcomed boost of confidence when it’s go-time. For more tips, check out our video with Macy’s MStyleLab below.

Suits aren’t meant to fit like a second layer of skin

There should be just the right amount of breathing room in the chest area. With the top button closed on a two-button style (or top two on a three-button), there should be a slight pinch at the sides but nothing more than that.

It’s all about mobility

The armholes should be high enough to offer some movement and the waist and cut of your trousers should let you move around and sit down with ease.

Focus on your shoulders to find your size

The shoulder pads should end at your shoulders. They should be free of any divots or rumpling, both of which usually mean you went a size or more too big.

Get your suit and shirt sleeve lengths right

The point where the base of your thumb meets your wrist is where your jacket sleeve should fall. You should show between a quarter and a half-inch of shirt cuff. Make sure this works with your physique and personal comfort. Wear the suit, don’t let it wear you (cliché, we know, but true).

Trouser length

There should be a half-inch break, though this can be adjusted to work with your own comfort level. Some folks like to show some ankle cleavage and that works well during the summer months but having a slight break is a good year-round approach.


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