hard graft Session Headphone Case & Stand


The new stylish hard graft Session Headphone Case & Stand offers soft protection for your headphones and is lined with a rugged and pliable canvas twill which can stand, allowing your headphones to rest on top of it after it is all done pumping your favorite songs.
The semi-vegetable tanned Tuscan leather gives the look and feel of being relaxed, content and carefree. The natural leather also shows imperfections which add to the overall rugged look of the case. It is designed to last a lifetime but like all leather-based products, it will need to be taken care of so it stays as good-looking as possible for as long as possible. You can apply leather balm or wax to it from time to time, but note that vegetable tanned leather will become darker and warmer in tone with time, giving it that used but well-matured look.

The fine leather case is now available for purchase at the hard graft website.


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