Panasonic is Set To Unveil a New Technics Turntable


Panasonic is relaunching the Technics brand, famous for the legendary 1972 SL-1200 which was discontinued in 2010. This will come as good news to fans of vinyl and playing music in the old-school style. Although the unit’s name has not yet been announced, we know that the new design will include technological improvements over its predecessor, whilst retaining the classic streamlined design. It will feature a coreless stator to eliminate cogging, oil-impregnated high-precision bearings to reduce vibrating during rotations, and high-torque twin rotors that minimize the bearing load and rotational fluctuations. The direct-drive motor control technology has also been completely redesigned so that it adapts and switches the stator winding drive mode according to operating conditions. The new Technics turntable is expected to arrive sometime next year.


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