Hotel Casa De Uco in Argentina by Alberto Tonconogy Architects


Argentinian architect Alberto Tonconogy has just put the finishing touches on Hotel Casa de Uco, the first establishment in a much larger project in the Valle de Uco, near the city of Mendoza, Argentina. The rest of the project will feature bungalows, villas, a vineyard, and a winery, and if the hotel is any indication, the buildings will all look like they blend right into the surroundings.

Tonconogy aimed to keep the environment as unchanged as possible. One of the very few changes made on the site were the creation of several lagoons using the site’s natural waterways, adding some aesthetic appeal and function as the winery’s water sources in the future. The hotel itself is a marvel in simplicity and beauty, using native materials like stone and wood, and oriented smartly towards the best views of the Valle de Uco and Andes Mountains.

Check out the Hotel Casa de Uco in the gallery below, and stay tuned for the rest of the project as it takes shape.


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