The Interviews at Liberty Fairs | Josh Yentob of Solid and Striped

Por Homme partnered with the Liberty Fairs tradeshow in Las Vegas to sit down with designers behind some of our favorite brands, right inside of our dedicated Studio space on the showroom floor.

The past few seasons have seen quite a few swimwear brands crop up. Some are loud, some are subdued. Some have a ton of details and some forego them altogether. Look a while back and you’ll see there was this timeless elegance to the swimwear men wore. Sure, the initial purpose was to hop in a pool with them or head to the beach, but look hard enough and you’d find the perfect pair that looked and felt so perfect that you’d want to wear them almost anywhere. Solid and Striped is a new age brand that embodies this old-school ethos. Their pieces are impeccably crafted from European and Japanese fabrics and they’ve got the perfect amount of detailing without overdoing it. We got a chance to sit down with Josh Yentob of the brand to get some insight into their latest collection that’s due to hit stockists in the weeks and months ahead.


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