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Chapter Season 8 Brings DISCORD

Chapter SS17

Chapter, a contemporary men’s brand creating clothes rooted in simplicity and functionality, unveiled its Spring/Summer 2017 collection at the opening of New York Fashion Week. Spearheaded by Frank Delgadillo, creative director Devin Carlson and a team of designers in Southern California, Chapter’s eighth season has brought DISCORD into conception. The collection is highly conceptual and evokes a balance between chaos and harmony with its exploration of the “juxtaposition of a city’s harsh architectural lines intersecting with the spirit of socialization and human interaction.” The fashion featured in the minimalist 90s inspired presentation was comprised of interpretations on classic men’s staples and unique, structured silhouettes counterbalanced with softer embroidery and raw detailing. Dark neutral shades dominated the clothing with mustard making a new appearance in the brand’s color palette. The models, strutting unorthodox and playful fashion, walked to a soundtrack delivered by live classical string duo, Kang and Andrei Matorin. Check out the collection in the gallery above.