Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus Adds A Touch Of Wonder To The WTC


Santiago Calatrava has finally opened the doors of the Oculus to the public. The colossal metal-and-glass figure acts as a centerpiece to the World Trade Center transportation hub, allowing those around the area to wonder over it, and under it. The giant metal structure is home to westfield mall and is connected from subway train stations, the PATH or accessed from Church and Greenwich streets. Calatrava wanted the structure to look like a bird being released from a child’s hands.  The building possesses a large elliptical shape, acting as a free-standing structure, built along the southern edge of daniel libeskind’s ‘wedge of light’ plaza. The structure acts as a short pause amidst the bustling buildings, acting as a calm refuge. The building was constructed in a way that takes advantage of natural light that seeps into it via large slender windows along its ceiling.

Images courtesy of hufton + crow.


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