Apple iOS 16 Gets More Personalized and Features ‘Dynamic Island’ Experience

Apple’s new software update, iOS 16, has gone live with more personalization and control for users than ever before. The new features include an improved Focus mode, live text enhancements, and Safari browser security updates; it also brings several notable improvements to the lock screen and the iMessage app.

The lock screen on iOS 16 gets a new and expanded user-controlled time display, widget, and notification options. With the new update, Apple also gives users the ability to choose one image or shuffle through several, as well as add depth effects to image backgrounds. Apple also offers an option to use curated images instead, including current weather and astronomy focused galleries.

And then there’s Dynamic Island which makes full use of the area around the front camera to send across alerts, notifications, and interactions without interrupting whatever you’re up to. Examples include the area expanding into a large rectangle to show upcoming Maps directions without having to open the Maps app, displaying Maps directions in a smaller pill-shaped interface, a square shaped for an ‌‌Apple Pay‌‌ payment confirmation, and even tracking the time of arrival of a Lyft.

The iMessage upgrade focuses on expanding interactions that now allow users to use SharePlay to sync iMessage content like music or videos, utilize it for work collaboration, share file access, and get file editing updates within the thread. 

iOS 16 is available for iPhone 8 users and above. More details are available on the Apple website.


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