Drake’s For Hodinkee Fall/Winter 2023 Capsule Collection Banks On British Elegance

Drake’s and Hodinkee, two powerhouses in the world of menswear and horology, have once again united to unveil the Drake’s For Hodinkee Fall/Winter 2023 capsule collection. This latest collaboration is a celebration of Drake’s heritage and craftsmanship filtered through Hodinkee’s distinctive eye.

Embracing the essence of timeless elegance, the Limited Edition Drake’s For Hodinkee Fall/Winter 2023 collection features a range of finely designed menswear and accessories, each reflecting the ethos of both brands.

First off, we have the Drake’s For Hodinkee Large Knot Grenadine Tie, which is a perennial classic from Drake’s. Undergoing a subtle Hodinkee transformation, the tie boasts a custom embroidered co-branded logo. Crafted in London, England, this 100% high-twist silk tie exhibits a richly textured surface and hand-rolled edges in a deep navy hue. It carries a $255 price tag.

For the layering months, Drake’s Roughout Suede Overshirt also receives a Hodinkee makeover. Now in a dark gray hue, it features a Tuscany-sourced suede construction, enamel snap buttons, and a bemberg lining for enhanced comfort. It carries a retail price of $1,595.

Drake’s For Hodinkee Wool Two-Pocket Workshirt is a reimagined classic. The Two-Pocket Workshirt by Drake’s, now in Hodinkee’s signature gray, showcases rounded cuffs and mother-of-pearl buttons. It’s made of 100% high-quality wool and manufactured in Somerset, England. It goes for $295.

The cotton crew neck Drake’s For Hodinkee Pocket Hiking T-Shirt receives a subtle Hodinkee touch with a co-branded hand-embroidered detailing crafted in Portugal from 100% cotton and retails for $115.

A refined homage to Drake’s iconic accessory, the Mughal Print Wool-Silk Bandana, Drake’s For Hodinkee Mughal Print Wool-Silk Bandana showcases intricate detailing and rich colors, accentuated by a subtle co-branded paisley and clock logo. It’s crafted in Italy from a blend of 70% wool and 30% silk. It comes in at $235.

Inspired by mid-century sports caps, Drake’s For Hodinkee Cotton Herringbone Baseball Cap reimagines Drake’s classic silhouette in waxed cotton herringbone and custom co-branded embroidery. It retails for $85.

Finally, Drake’s For Hodinkee Lambswool Knit Cap, crafted from 100% lambswool in a warm taupe hue, features a ribbed texture and rolled cuff. It’s manufactured in Scotland and retails for $95.

Embodying the shared dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and timeless elegance, this limited collaboration represents a fusion of heritage and contemporary style and a fitting addition to the fall wardrobe. The Limited Edition Drake’s For Hodinkee Fall/Winter 2023 capsule collection is now available for purchase at the Hodinkee Shop.


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