PDF By Domenico Formichetti FW24 Collection Dives Into The Fashion of Extreme Sports

In a spectacular display of edgy elegance, Domenico Formichetti’s Project, known as PDF, recently graced the runways of men’s Milan Fashion Week with its Fall/Winter 2024 (FW24) collection. This avant-garde showcase not only introduced the latest in fashion but also immersed enthusiasts deeper into the unconventional universe of clothes and, of course, puffy shoes.

PDF’s FW24 presentation showcased an array of padded footwear, from fuzzy boots to fresh colorways of their signature swollen sneakers. The brand’s dedication to pushing fashion boundaries was evident in the oversized silhouettes and bold dye jobs applied to garments, resulting in undeniably cool pieces like colorful baggy cargos, extra roomy coats, and jersey-style sweaters.

The attention-commanding Airpods Max bag, a viral sensation in its own right, further solidifies PDF’s commitment to uniqueness. Celebrities like Rihanna, Doja Cat, and Lil Yachty have all embraced the brand’s oversized, edgy aesthetic, making PDF a go-to for those who seek standout fashion.

PDF’s FW24 collection is not just about clothes; it’s a narrative woven around an anti-hero athlete protagonist, exploring the aesthetics of extreme sports. Creative Director Domenico Formichetti, a prominent figure in Italy’s dynamic streetwear scene, continues to break the mold by infusing exuberant optimism, playful fervor, and vintage allure into the brand.

The trompe l’oeil pièces, including a standout beanie, add an extra layer of intrigue to PDF’s FW24. Inspired by technical surf and snow apparel, the collection channels adrenaline, anticipation, passion, and emotion into exaggerated proportions, contemporary print techniques, unconventional washes, and cutting-edge technical fabrications.

PDF By Domenico Formichetti’s FW24 collection stands as a testament to the brand’s rebellious, non-conforming spirit. Stay tuned for the release date, and prepare to make a bold statement with fashion that transcends conventions. In the meantime, swipe through the PDF By Domenico Formichetti FW24 Collection in the lookbook.


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