Reigning Champ x Calen Knauf Home Court Arcade Basketball Game Elevates Classic Arcade Entertainment

Reigning Champ’s latest offering, the Home Court Arcade Basketball Game, embodies elegance and craftsmanship. This new masterpiece, a collaboration between Reigning Champ and esteemed Canadian industrial designer Calen Knauf, sets a new standard for both form and function in the world of luxury arcade entertainment.

The Home Court Arcade Basketball Game is more than just a gaming apparatus. Crafted from a blend of wood, glass, and metal, it takes the classic arcade game and takes it into the arena of opulent collectibles. The frame, constructed with tempered glass and adorned with composite wood panels, not only exudes sophistication but also ensures a gaming experience reminiscent of shooting hoops on a classic hardwood court.

Key features include meticulously engineered sound effects that replicate the unmistakable echo of a basketball meeting the wooden surface and innovative design elements that minimize visual clutter, every aspect of the Home Court Arcade Basketball Game is a testament to thoughtful design.

Renowned for his ability to infuse elegance into everyday objects, Calen Knauf’s influence on this arcade marvel is unmistakable. By reimagining the traditional Pop-A-Shot game through a lens of modern luxury, Knauf has transformed what was once relegated to the confines of a game room into a display-worthy centerpiece fit for the most discerning of spaces.

The Reigning Champ Home Court Arcade Basketball Game is available for pre-order now, this extraordinary creation comes with 10 mini composite leather balls, meticulously crafted to complement its minimalist aesthetic. Priced at $50,000, this investment in leisure is available exclusively from the Reigning Champ website.


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