Levi’s Made In Japan Collection SS24 Denim Craftsmanship Meets Embroidery And Color

This season, Levi’s introduces a groundbreaking twist to the classic denim narrative with its Made in Japan Collection SS24. Rooted in the rich heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and innovation, this collection breathes new life into denim, offering a fusion of tradition and contemporary style.

The Levi’s Made in Japan Collection SS24 is a testament to the enduring allure of Japanese fabrics and artisanal techniques. Originating from an era of resilience and resourcefulness during World War II, Japanese denim has evolved into a symbol of quality and sophistication. Leveraging the expertise of Japanese craftspeople and the renowned Kaihara Denim Mill, Levi’s infuses vibrant color patches and intricate embroidery into premium selvedge denim, redefining the boundaries of denim fashion.

At the heart of the Levi’s Made in Japan Collection SS24 lies a dedication to detail and authenticity. Each garment is meticulously crafted, from the precise cuts to the hand-finishing touches. For women, the collection offers a range of classic fits, including the Column and Barrel styles, adorned with captivating color embroidery and bleached finishes. Meanwhile, men can explore iconic designs such as the 1980s 501 jeans and the 505 Regular Fit, featuring unique embellishments like the ‘Atlas’ patch and embroidered tonal patches. Complementing the bottoms are the Classic Type II and III jackets, exuding sophistication with their dark rinses and distinctive embroidery.

Fashion enthusiasts can now experience the epitome of denim craftsmanship with the Levi’s Made in Japan Collection SS24. The collection is available for purchase on Levi.com, the Levi’s App, and select Levi’s stores.


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