Introducing | Por Homme’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Men


Introducing our Holiday Gift Guide for 2013. Of all the work that we put in year ’round, I can’t think of a piece we enjoy more. These are things we’d buy for ourselves or for others if we had an infinite bankroll. We also tried to avoid the obvious recommendations like Apple products or the latest console as, well, you know. The lineup ranges from menswear and leather accessories to footwear and gadgets.

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The Gift | Mack Weldon ‘Sock Drawer’ Pack

The Gift | Mack Weldon 'Sock Drawer' Pack

Anyone that knows me also knows I love socks and colorful/eccentric ones at that. Mack Weldon‘s fairly new on the scene but they’re looking to do men’s basics right and boy are they off on a great start. Their offerings range from underwear and undershirts to tees and socks, all infused with high-quality fabrics, some forward-thinking tech detailing and an outstanding fit.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Find the undershirt that’s comfortable and doesn’t bunch up on you or expose itself when you’re wearing a button-down sans tie. Socks need to be bought with the comfort of knowing they won’t slouch and will provide the right amount of cushion and support throughout the entire day. Each piece is engineered to promote comfort, mobility, moisture and odor management, and recovery. With a specially formulated 18-hour jersey fabric, underwear and undershirts retain their shape after repeated wear and wash with a minimal amount of shrinkage.

Holiday 2010 | Por Homme Gift Guide

Holiday 2010 | Por Homme Gift Guide

We’ve seen alot of gift guides pop up and I’m sure you’ve peeped some of them. Last year, we dropped our first-ever gift guide and it was well received (for the most part) but we’ve really dug deep this time around. Before we get this fun started, I have to say there are alot of gems in here, folks and I’m not talking “Oh you fancy, huh?” gems. Some stuff is more affordable than others but all-in-all we’ve zoned in on quality.

So let’s start shall we? Navigation below.

Por Homme Gift Guide + Wish List [Holiday 2009]

Por Homme Gift Guide + Wish List [Holiday 2009]

Well, gents, the final weekend before the 25th is upon us. You’re probably dwindling your fingers at your desk as we speak, waiting in much anticipation for 4:58 to come around so you can pack up and head to the mall to pick up that gift your significant other has been hinting at for quite sometime. Or not. Well, humor us. You’re out doing what you gotta do to make sure your loved ones get all that’s on their wish lists, but what about your wish list? Dammit, do you even have one? Worry not, friends, we’ve compiled one for you. We’ve got things that you can probably use on a regular basis and a few that should see the light of day sparingly.

If you are not the procrastinator that everyone knows you to be, then we’d love to know what’s on your list! Let us know in the comments.