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The Evolution of Shaving: Then and Now

Presented by Gillette When it comes to shaving, it’s never been easier. If you look back a couple centuries though, a man had to use some pretty interesting items to get all that hair off and now we can do it without any…

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Jeff Staple’s Daily Calming Rituals

Presented by Gillette Studies have shown that having a daily routine leads to a higher level of productivity. And when it comes to designer Jeff Staple, this makes complete sense. The man's been a leader in streetwear for well over a decade and…

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My First Shave | Alex Maier

Presented by Gillette Tell us a little about yourself Alex Maier, 31. I have a digital consulting agency based in Chicago, IL. We throw the annual Fall Classic in NYC among other marketing initiatives for various companies. When I am not working with other…

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Por Homme x Gillette ProGlide Razor Giveaway

Gillette Fusion ProGlide [100 to Giveaway]

When you thinking shaving, you think Gillette, not those other brands that do a sub-par job at giving us a close shave while protecting our skin. Something that's always been a hurdle for product makers in the past has been the "tug…

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Shaving Tip: How to Shave your Chest

Gillette's got a series of ads out currently, giving men the tips they might need but never knew where to look. The sun's been shining lately and I'm sure you want to rip off your shirt and hop in the ocean. Wait,…

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