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Soho House Amsterdam Opens Inside A Former University Building

Soho House, a members-only club for traveling creatives, recently opened their newest location in Amsterdam in August. With 21 locations total, Soho House is able to provide their high-quality, subscription-based workspaces all around the world. This allows digital workers to always have…

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New Water: The Citadel Apartments in Netherlands

Koen Olthuis of Waterstudio in the Netherlands has come up with the world's first floating apartment complex, The Citadel. The Dutch have been fighting the falling and rising tides for centuries, building dikes and pumping water out of areas that are below…

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New Dutch Five Euro coin unveiled

The Dutch Ministry of Finance organized an architecture competition for which a selected group of architectural offices and artists were invited.  The goal of the competition was to design the new 5 euro commemorative coin with the theme 'Netherlands and Architecture'. The…

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