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MUJI Aluminum Round Fountain Pen

In today’s digitally-based world, it has become something of a statement to write things down by hand. The MUJI Aluminum Round Fountain Pen pays homage to the tradition of writing by placing plain ink on paper. The stylish silver pen feels light…

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ystudio Brass Pens and Pencil

ystudio has released a stationary range with both practicality and aesthetics in mind. The stylish range of pens and pencils are made from brass, copper and phosphor bronze. The selection includes two rollerball pens, a ballpoint pen, a sketching pen, a mechanical…

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Kaweco Aluminium Fountain Pen

Kaweco [AL Sport] Aluminium Fountain Pen

This sturdy pocket-sized fountain pen from Kaweco is the perfect companion for any meeting or quick napkin exchange at the bar. The 'AL Sport' fountain pen is one solid aluminum piece with a hand finished, anodized surface. Kaweco is a German brand…

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Yard-O-Led’s Grand Esprit 200 fountain pen

Yard-O-Led, one of the UK's most prestigious silversmiths has created one of the world's most devine fountain pens. The Grand Esprit features a sturdy hallmarked silver barrel and a diamond-cut finish coated with fine lacquer. The complete set includes a lead-crystal ink bottle with…

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The Color Picker Pen mimics any color it touches

Park Jinsun has designed this concept pen that makes replicating a color much easier. If you place the end of pen on object, the built-in scanner can help you get the exact color and then, after the process of the chip, the…

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