Shaving Tip: How to Shave your Chest


Gillette‘s got a series of ads out currently, giving men the tips they might need but never knew where to look. The sun’s been shining lately and I’m sure you want to rip off your shirt and hop in the ocean. Wait, what? Your chest reminds people of the amazon jungle? This video will give some assistance on shaving that gorilla chest of yours and trimming down for the beautiful weather (and ladies). Now, we personally believe in the all-natural look, so proceed with caution.

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Sharps Pre-Shave Stick

A lifesaver for guys with sensitive skin, brawny beards and ingrown hairs, Sharps Kid Glove Oil-Free Pre-Shave Stick is a clear protective barrier that uses a botanical-rich blend of soothers to prep the skin for the smoothest shave possible. Wasabi...

A lifesaver for guys with ...

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Valobra Soaps

Available now at Blackbird is Italian made soap that does more than just wash your face. To preserve the precious ingredients, Valobra has always used the ancient and expesive 'boiling for strenght' method. Special attention is given to seasoning, which...

Available now at Blackbird...

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Mister Nesbitt Grooming Kit


Anwar Pack designed this grooming kit for Mister Nesbitt, hoping to appeal to more youthful audience while still keeping the design traditional enough to make his father proud. Read what he has to say about Mister Nesbitt’s Grooming Kit:

An emotional branding project for packaging design. I had to develop primary, and secondary packaging, as well as a gift set to house it all, for a fragrance modeled after someone close to me. I chose my father for the project, so I developed a traditional grooming kit. I designed and made all of the packaging, upholstering it with nue-buck leather and suede. I wanted to design something that was traditional and nostalgic, but at the same time contemporary enough to appeal to a more youthful audience.

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Cleansing Bar by Tom Ford

Old world tradition meets new world glamour with this deluxe soap on a rope that lathers up easily and rinses off quickly without drying the skin. What without drying the skin? You don't say. I'm going to have to order...

Old world tradition meets ...

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The Scent: He Wood by Dsquared

Identical twins Dean and Dan Caten, creators of the Dsquared, have released their scents for men and women.  Guys, be glad that He Wood for Men is much more appealing than 90% of the colognes out there.

It was released in September with a launch party to match.  Guys and Gals were introduced with young men and women with more information about two scents.  Plus, they even commented on the scents you were wearing as you came in.