Google | Project Glass

Google | Project Glass - Augmented Reality Eyewear

Google X, the California-based tech company’s low key development lab, has been developing this among several other creations for quite some time now and they’ve finally decided to let us in on what they’re cooking up. “A team within our Google[x] group started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment.” It’s a more vivid picture of what’s to come — augmented reality eyewear that puts the world at your eyelids. Imagine being able to ditch your beloved smartphone and go hands free while controlling and seeing navigation prompts through your shades. There’s a ton more we’ve yet to learn about Project Glass but atleast now our mouths are watering. Check the video below to see what the geniuses over at Google have envisioned thusfar. Dreams to reality, folks.

Augmented Reality | Ray-Ban Rare Finds Campaign

Augmented Reality | Ray-Ban Rare Finds Campaign

Ray-Ban looks to take augmented reality to new heights with their Rare Finds campaign. The experience incorporates a hidden layer in the print ad that allows fans to visit Ray-Ban to unlock video content like behind-the-scene footage of music festivals and exclusive concerts clips, all by waving the print in front of you camera. After this, the user gets a code that gives them a chance to win prizes like a custom Ray-Ban Gibson Guitar or even a trip for two to NYC for the CMJ Music Marathon in October.

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