No War Heartbeat by Mau Design

To get political here would be out of character, but to stand up for what's right is something that's in our nature. I won't take a side but know that when innocent lives are being taken, that is not justice....

To get political here woul...

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Obama Inauguration Poster by Shepard Fairey


“Be the Change.” Those are the words we expect to echo throughout Washington D.C. on January 20th, as Barack Obama is sworn in as the nation’s 44th President. The inauguration poster is designed by noneotherthan Shepard Fairey, the man who moved the nation with his “Hope” posters that were stapled across America during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

The DNA Bookcase by Alessandro Elli


Alessandro Elli’s DNA Bookcase is a sight to see when it comes to design. It’s currently featured by Linfa Design and for good reason. It has a curved plywood construction and beech veneered with a black finished steel frame. The DNA bookcase can even be used as a room divider or against the wall.

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Immovable Watch: Stas Aki stops the hands of the clock without stopping time


Designer Stas Aki has come up with a design that’s so simple, yet so abstract. Stas Aki stops the hands of the clock without stopping time. On a tradition watch, the hands read approximately 10:07, but on Stas Aki’s immovable watch, the real time is told my digital numbers above the small hand and big hand. Time is put on a 24-hour scale instead of a 12-hour scale and the design of the watch is sleek and simple as well.

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