Laser Bread breaks the “rules”

This design by Laser Bread over at dyt is made with a blank sheet of paper, an old note pad, thread, tape, and an exacto knife. A commenter over at flickr called the designer a freak of nature and I...

This design by Laser Bread...

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Scribble on Walls decals: Way Better than Fathead


Fat Head’s great for those SuperBowl commercial-watching patrons that only like to promote the Official so-and-so of the so-and-so League. Scribble on Wall could be for those people, but it’s also for those that go against the curve. I saw some really appealing designs but what intrigued me the most was the thinking of those enterprising geeks that are the foundation of the company.

There’s a saying in design. Actually, there are a bunch of sayings. And we don’t know any of them. We think that means something about us—but we’re just not sure what.

Disk Pendant lamp by Jean Francois D’or for tossB


Belgian industrial designer Jean Francois D’or has created the Disk Pendant Lamp for Belgian lighting manufacturer tossB. The manufacturer describes the lamp as a “large saucer of golden light, gently diffusing throughout your room, like the shimmering sound of a gong. As a hanging lamp above a table, the ‘disk’ creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, almost as if you were sitting in a secluded alcove. By adjusting the height of the ‘disk’ above the floor, you can vary the overall strength of the lighting. Brilliant rays of bright light will flood over all your interior surfaces.”

It looks great but I’m afraid my dog might mistake it for a frisbee.

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Paved in Buttons: Obama Poster

Democratic Stuff offered almost a thousand different buttons to support Barack Obama during his Presidential run. They've just unveiled a post that shows off 400 of their best. Each post is hand numbered and limited to an edition of 5000....

Democratic Stuff offered a...

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The Prototype: Chrono-Shredder calendar

Susanna Hertrich is the designer behind the "Chrono-Shredder" calendar. Here are the official notes from Susanna's site: The Chrono-Shredder is a device that reminds us of the preciousness of our lifetime. It represents the passing of time by shredding the days...

Susanna Hertrich is th...

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No War Heartbeat by Mau Design

To get political here would be out of character, but to stand up for what's right is something that's in our nature. I won't take a side but know that when innocent lives are being taken, that is not justice....

To get political here woul...

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Obama Inauguration Poster by Shepard Fairey


“Be the Change.” Those are the words we expect to echo throughout Washington D.C. on January 20th, as Barack Obama is sworn in as the nation’s 44th President. The inauguration poster is designed by noneotherthan Shepard Fairey, the man who moved the nation with his “Hope” posters that were stapled across America during the 2008 Presidential campaign.