NorthernGRADE Los Angeles

NorthernGRADE Los Angeles presented by Apolis and Pierrepont Hicks

NorthernGRADE, a Made-in-America menswear market produced by Pierrepont Hicks, is scheduled to do a pop-up shop in downtown Los Angeles next week with Apolis playing host. There are some great brands participating and it’s a great time to meet the people who created them. Some of the brands on the roster this time include 3sixteen, Baldwin Denim, Rogue Territory, The Hill-Side, The Windmill Club and many more. If you are in the area on April 6th or 7th, be sure to stop by — if not for the clothes, then at least for the food and drinks!

Moore & Giles x Pierrepont Hicks Necktie Travel Case

Moore & Giles x Pierrepont Hicks Necktie Travel Case

This find actually made my morning as it’s one accessory I’d actually utilize. I travel often and one thing I always hate doing is having to toss all my ties in to my duffle without really being able to organize and protect them as I’d like. This necktie travel case from Moore & Giles and Pierrepont Hicks comes in Titan Toffee leather which comes from Moore & Giles while Pierrepont Hicks delivers the UK silk. (via Selectism)

Pierrepont Hicks Fall/Winter 2011 ‘Mugshots’ Lookbook

Pierrepont Hicks Fall/Winter 2011 'Mugshots' Lookbook

Pierrepont Hicks commissioned artist Jonathan Bartlett to illustrate their Autumn/Winter 2011 neckwear collection. Animals and insects are styled up in mugshot form and give a free-spirited vibe to product that’s normally seen as a formal outpost. Self-expression at its finest, folks.

Selectism tells us Bartlett’s illustrations will also be on sale at the artist’s site in October while Pierrepont Hicks’ F/W 2011 collection goes on sale tomorrow.

Fall 2010 | Pierrepont Hicks Zugbug Tie

Fall 2010 | Pierrepont Hicks Zugbug Tie By now, you’ve probably noticed Pierrepont Hicks has been featured here a few times. Well, we thought it only we highlight our favorite piece from the label’s fall line. The “Zugbug” tie is handmade of 100% English wool right here in New York’s garment district. The hand rolled tips give for a smooth drape and finish and when coupled with all the other fine features, results in an essential fall tie for any man’s wardrobe.

More info and images after the jump.

Jen Guarino of J.W. Hulme Co. Talks Minnesota’s NorthernGRADE

Jen Guarino of J.W. Hulme Co. Talks Minnesota's NorthernGRADE

On September 11th, Minnesota-based J.W. Hulme Co. and Pierrepont Hicks will play host to some of America’s finest brands as they present NorthernGRADE. The pop-up men’s market will be located at Architectural Antiques in Minneapolis and will only feature authentic made in USA labels. Alongside the hosts, the short list also includes old school classics like Red Wing and Russell Moccasin Co. as well as the leaders of the new school, Taylor Stitch.

We had the opportunity to sit with Jen Guarino, President of J.W. Hulme Co., to talk NorthernGRADE, this whole “heritage” movement and much more. Also, not sure if you guys caught this last week, but Michael Williams from ACL actually showed off a notebook made by J.W. Hulme Co. That beauty is going into production, folks, and we got Jen to give us pricing and availability info as well. Hit the jump.

Pierrepont Hicks Spring/Summer 2010 Collection [Neckwear]

Pierrepont Hicks Neckwear Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

For their Spring/Summer collection, the good folks at Pierrepont Hicks deliver another batch of well-crafted neckwear pieces for the modern man. This being the Minnesota-based label’s sophomore season, we’re already witnessing the maturation process take place as the offerings this time around have increased with the quality surely to stay consistent at top-notch. With the “Field” tie being our favorite from the F/W 2009 collection, we thought it would be difficult to top. However, the “Bedford” may have done the trick with its timeless design.

All S/S 2010 items are currently in production in New York’s garment district, so head to Pierrepont Hicks and reserve your pieces to ensure a mid-March arrival.

More images after the jump.

Man Up. San Francisco Pop Up [Menswear Market]

Man Up. San Francisco

With the majority of menswear press time dedicated to events taking place in or around NYC, Man Up San Francisco brings a breath of fresh air to the neglected west coast. Seriously, apart from a trade show here and there taking place in Vegas, I have yet to see a good event actually worth the trip out west. With shops like San Fran’s own Unionmade, Room4 Vintage and labels like Taylor Stitch and Pierrepont Hicks all set to be at the Cal Modern Art Gallery on the last weekend of January, it’s definitely a visit everyone should make if possible.

The men’s department is definitely evolving and men across the country (not just in the NY area) are taking notice. Behind Man Up are few distinguished gentlemen with whom everyone should become familiar. Watch the video for the event after the jump.

Pierrepont Hicks Fergus Tie [Neckwear]

Pierrepont Hicks Fergus Tie [Neckwear]Pierrepont Hicks Fergus Tie [Neckwear]

We first turned you guys to Minnesota-based neckwear maker Pierrepont Hicks a few weeks back. As it comes to no surprise to us, their Fall collection has really gained much traction with husband and wife duo pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone gets their goods before Santa comes to town. Our favorite tie was the Field Two-Tone until we laid our eyes on the Fergus. This beauty is crafted from a silk / wool blend giving us an olive green check woven fabric finish.

It’s available in a classic, two-tone and bow tie variation with prices ranging from $59 to $89, but worth much more than that.

Full Fergus lineup after the jump

Introducing: Pierrepont Hicks Neckwear

Introducing: Pierrepont Hicks Neckwear

Meet Pierrepont Hicks, the Minneapolis-based neckwear company that recently launched its debut collection. Married entrepreneurs Mac and Kat launched the label with guys like us in mind. Mac does the numbers, Kat handles the design (and frequently will ask his opinion; sometimes she even agrees with it). With experience in fashion and publishing in New York for over ten years, Kat spent time at Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Gourmet and Elle magazines. The duo searches the globe to find the best textiles. The pieces are produced in New York City’s Garment District and Mac and Kat have ensured us that Pierrepont Hicks will always be American-made.

PH has mated top quality fabrics with color combos that make a statement. The ties are produced in a series of three styles: The Classic Necktie, a Two-Tone variation along with the Reversible Bowtie. For the Fall/Winter season, Pierrepont Hicks offers the Mackers, Giles and Field series, each bringing a distinct style to the Pierrepont Hicks brand. The Fergus (silk/wool blend) and Twigg (100% cashmere) series are yet to be unveiled but you can catch a sneak peek of the designs after the jump.

By continuing to create beautiful and innovative designs, we see nothing but great things to come for Pierrepont Hicks