Android-packed Google phone to be unveiled next week by T-mobile

We thought this day would never come.  T-Mobile’s given an official date on when they’ll be showing off the highly-anticipated Google Phone.  T-Mobile USA is set to unveil it alongside Google next Tuesday at a news conference in New York.

The G1 phone, which is being manufactured by HTC, doesn’t hit stores until October, but T-Mobile’s ready to let loose about the Android-packed gadget.  We might even hear about the price (crosses fingers).  T-Mobile’s the first carrier to market the phone and expect others to follow suit.

They haven’t gotten as much exposure as they’d hoped but when you’re competing with Apple’s iPhone and RIM’s Blackberry line, it’s a cold world out there.

Google’s not worried, though.  They want their services on all cell phones, including their ad services.  Of course Google’s already created the software to do that.  We’ve heard about the Android app store that will rival that of the iPhone.  Rumors are though that it won’t have Microsoft Exchange Server, which will make things a little tough for Google, if they want to enter the cell phone market with a full head of steam.

Google showed off the handset at a developer conference in London on Tuesday.  Next week, Google and T-Mobile should start to reveal whether Android will live up to the hype.

Source:  latimes


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