eero WiFi System

Introducing eero, a WiFi system that aims to solve a lot of the headaches we face today with our typical routers. Though it’s probably in a centralized place, your house is still filled with dead spots and getting extenders still leaves a lot to be desired. eero’s built from the ground up and supported by an accompanying iOS / Android app to help you setup with ease, not have to remember some crazy password, and be able to invite people to join your home network with just a click. A set of three eeros covers an average sized home, and they work together to minimize interference and keep speeds at high as possible. Updates happen in the background so you’re network stays secure and you can continue streaming or staying in touch with friends. One of our favorites features about eero is that each unit has built-in Bluetooth so not only is your entire home blanketed with WiFi but it’s got Bluetooth throughout as well, something that will definitely come in handy as you build out your connected home. The team behind eero has a track record for success and they’ve got some pretty reputable advisors as well. One is the industrial designer for the Nest Thermostat and another is someone that helped develop the iPod and AirPort. The list of revolutionary products they’ve helped to build has just grown with the addition of eero. You can pre-order eero now through their website with deliveries to start taking place this summer.

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