Douchebag Math 101: What makes someone a douchebag?

We peeped this earlier over at and thought it was pretty interesting.  Douchebags are running wild everywhere, and we need to inform the public about them so that they steer clear of “douchebaggery.”

Terms such as shower pocket, douchebag, d-bag, DB or simply douche are popular terms of insult or ridicule.  A douchebag can be anyone really. They can be a textbook carrying popped collar frat boy or a 40 year old coed chasing drunk bar rat. In reality douchebags are everywhere. Douchebags rule the world.

Check out the image and tell us about the last time you ran into a douche.  Oh, and do you guys remember the Douchebag P.S.A.?  Well, we’ve got it for you below, too so check that out!

Douchebag Math:

Douchebag PSA:


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