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Bill Amberg x Penguin Books: Classics Collection


Bill Amberg and Penguin Books have collaborated to produce this series of luxury leather Penguin Classics. Bill has chosen six of his favourite modern novels for their enduring and cosmopolitan style, and bound them in the softest, rich brown calves leather.

It is a fresh and innovative use of leather, a traditional material associated particularly with hardback volumes, but here used as a pliable binding for paperbacks. The leather has been specially worked so that the more each book is handled the better protected and more beautiful it becomes.

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bill-amberg-penguin-books-classics-collection-1 bill-amberg-penguin-books-classics-collection-2

bill-amberg-penguin-books-classics-collection-3 bill-amberg-penguin-books-classics-collection-4

Buy It: From £30.00 at Bill Amberg

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  • by pynchmewake
    Posted November 29, 2009 6:56 pm 0Likes

    Not worth it. These are paperbacks with their covers glued to leather. The “luggage-tag” bookmark, which slips out at the slightest shake, is attached by a leather string that threads through a huge hole in the upper corner of the pages, giving it the look and feel of a teenage diary. These are not collectors’ editions but rather novelty items that belong more to a funhouse than a bibliophile’s shelf.

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